Sterilization Center

 Your safety and well being whenever you visit our dental office is our responsibility.

Here at Aloha Dental Group, we take every measure possible to insure our office instruments and equipment are ideally sterilized for your protection for all of your dental visits.  We are very proud of the effort we put into insuring your health is never at risk with cross contamination.

It is a fact of life in dentistry today, proper, consistent, and efficient sterilization means less risk of infection within any dental practice. That is why we here at Aloha Dental Group have chosen to use the: Preference ICC Sterilization Center by ADEC.

We appreciate how specifically it’s design is set up to follow the established phases of Sterilization. Aloha Dental Group has created this exact system of Sterilization flow in our office.

  1. Receiving and cleaning
  2. Rinsing, drying, preparation and packaging
  3. Sterilization
  4. Storage

By streamlining this entire process, the Preference ICC Sterilization Center by ADEC helps synergize the safe workflow within our dental practice, and allows us to create a safe, and more efficient sterile environment.

All of this careful attention to detail when it comes to sterile technique, means peace of mind for me, the Dentist, our entire dental team, and most importantly you, our dental patient.

Next time you visit the Aloha Dental Group office, ask us to show you our State of the Art – Preference ICC Sterilization Center by ADEC

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